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The easiest way to reach me for RV-related things is over at VAF (username Jamie).

Our Homebuilt RV-7A N622JP

What is this Site About?
We are Jamie and Jaime Painter from the Atlanta, GA area. We built an RV-7A aircraft in our garage. If this sounds strange to you, don't worry. It sounded strange to me too the first time I heard about people doing this. Please feel free to browse the articles at the left and the Construction Log for detailed information. Hope you enjoy the site.

  - Jamie & Jaime

Project Dedication

Burl Huel Burnley, 7/23/1923 - 8/1/2004

This project is dedicated to the memory of my grandfather who, with each visit, never failed to tell me the stories of his youth flying in Piper 'Clubs'. He always believed in me, my exploits and my dream of flying an airplane that I built. The photo above was taken as we were about to depart on his first airplane ride in 62 years -- he was 80 years old at the time.

My only regret is that I was unable to finish my project before his passing, but I know without a doubt that he will be watching and grinning with me as I bring the throttle forward one day...

Blue Skies and Tailwinds, Pawpaw.