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Blood Sweat & Tears

In an effort to provide something unique to the RV community, whether it be for entertainment or for self-deprecation, I submit to you a log of all the times I have shed blood or tears in the pursuit of my dream.

Click on any picture to go to the corresponding daily entry.

Stainless Steel Is Sharp

Watch out for the stainless steel firewall! Ouch!

Center Section Ouch

Be careful drilling small parts. Number 19 bits don't feel good!

Lost Fingernail
Ok...no picture for this one....it's just a little too gross. I've lost my fingernail on my little finger on my left hand. I smashed it in a fit of shop stupidness that shall not be repeated here. It turned black and about a month later started falling off. I'm assured by a fellow builder and doctor friend that it will grow back...

Another Firewall Mishap
Yet another encounter with the firewall and the firewall won! I wasn't even working on the firewall, just hit my finger against it while removing the lower longerons.