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The easiest way to reach me for RV-related things is over at VAF (username Jamie).

No project of this magnitude can be completed without the help of those around us. Special thanks to the following people for all your help.

  • Jaime Ann Painter - beautiful bride, co-financier, rivet shooter/bucker, too many other titles to mention
  • Michael Stewart - A ride in his -6A insipired this project, seems to give me my RV fix at exactly the time I need it.
  • Michael Lewis - Help w/ main wing spar riveting.
  • Jim Easoz - Help w/ building tanks, disposal of crates.
  • Burt Carlisle - Fellow RV-7 builder who always answers my questions.
  • Will Berry - Helped me fit the tanks to the wing spars
  • Burton Carlisle - Helped me rivet more times than I can count.
  • Ron Brown - RV-9A builder, helped me bend my longerons
  • Bryan Padilla - My CFI that taught me to fly, helped me mate the wings, hang engine
  • Larry Thill - Helped me rivet, put the plane on gear and hang engine